JOY BOX 盒里-轻食餐厅

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JOY BOX Restaurant is located on the first floor of Wuhan Tiandi Horizon Shopping Mall. The total area is 70 square meters. The south and north sides of the site are displayed façades, and the street façade is 5-meter high glass wall. Pure Design was tasked with extending the existed branding elements, retaining the sense of transparency and layering of the space, and attracting costumer’s attention continuously.
我们延续使用JOY BOX的品牌记忆点——大面积黑白格立体灯箱作为就餐区与备餐区的空间分隔,餐厅总空高6米,将品牌记忆点集中于点餐区,使关注点更为集中。同时利用灯箱照明最大程度地衬托出全透明的开放式厨房中新鲜食材的颜色以及色泽,几十种各色蔬菜水果罗列开来,视觉的刺激更调动顾客的食欲。 7Qb名设网资讯中心
We continued using the key branding image of JOY BOX: the black and white grid lightbox, which also becomes the space division element between the dining area and food preparation area. The total height of the restaurant is six meters. The location of the lightbox is focusing on the dining area, in addition to narrowing down customer's concentration area. Moreover, the lighting effects of the box bring out the color and brightness of the food from our open kitchen.
JOY BOX代表的是一种自然纯粹又时尚的品质生活理念,因此在主材料选择上,我们大面积运用了水磨石。水磨石是一种很传统的材质,将碎石、玻璃、石英石等骨料拌入水泥粘接料制成混凝制品后经表面研磨、抛光而制成。水磨石有两种做法,一种是现场现浇,另一种是工厂预制板材。受商场施工条件的限制,我们采用了预制板材。传统的石材,通过现代工艺的全新加工,可以做到既质朴纯粹又不失时尚与精致。7Qb名设网资讯中心
JOY BOX represents a natural, pure and fashionable quality of life conception. Therefore, in the selection of main materials, we have extensively used terrazzo. The terrazzo is a very traditional material, which is made of gravel, glass, quartzite and other aggregate. After mixing cement paste, it is made into coagulating products and the surface is made by grinding and polishing. Terrazzo has two making ways, one is on-site cast-in-place, the other is factory precast sheet. Restricted by the construction conditions of the shopping mall, we have adopted precast plates. The traditional stone material can be simple and pure without losing fashion and refinement through the new processing of modern technology.
Above the 3 meters long table, a 2.6 meters long lamp is customized to form a geometric echo relation.
Each small table is equipped with a long copper chandelier. In the space of 6 meters height, the visual gravity extends downward, which makes the space open but not spacious.
Between the two layers of 3cm thick terrazzo plate, the use of ferrous metal edge as a sandwich to increase the overall lightness and quality, but also look more refined.
All the edges of the terrazzo are processed with 1CM chamfer, which not only preserves the sense of sculpture from 3CM thickness, but also increases the comfort of touch.
In the original site, the street entrance and mall entrance are located at the south and north sides. This separation creates a straight passageway within the space. The staff entrance is located at the corner. According to the business requirements, the food preparation area could only occupy one side of the staff entrance. Following the regular strategy, designers could use the straight passageway directly, then divide the space into a dining area and a food preparation area. However, we chose to rotate the whole layout anticlockwise 23.7 degrees. Therefore, the customer circulation in front of the bar area becomes a right angle. This specific design gathers more customer into the bar area, in addition to enlarging the dining area and customer capacity.
The logo angle of the indoor hanging light is echoed with the level of the ground dining space boundary, which keeps the indoor space geometric separation consistent and the spatial layout neat.
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