Filmax 影院室内设计

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15 年前开业的 Filmax 电影院位于 Gran Vía 的购物中心内。到目前为至,以休闲和购物为基础的商业模式都大获成功,这种模式导致城市中心充满了众多结合商店、餐馆和影院的购物中心。在商业范式转变之前,客户试图减少影厅面积、优化其功能,提供卓越的观影体验。

  15 年前开业的 Filmax 电影院位于 Gran Vía 的购物中心内。到目前为至,以休闲和购物为基础的商业模式都大获成功,这种模式导致城市中心充满了众多结合商店、餐馆和影院的购物中心。在商业范式转变之前,客户试图减少影厅面积、优化其功能,提供卓越的观影体验。 The Filmax Cinemas in Gran Vía, located within the Gran Vía 2 shopping centre, opened their doors 15 years ago, with this business model’s boom, which is based on leisure and mass consumption, and it led to filling the urban centres with a multitude of shopping centres, combining shops, restaurants and multi-screen theatres. After this golden age and before the paradigm shift, the client seeks a project to straighten up the cinemas by reducing their dimension, optimising their functioning and offering an experience which goes beyond what happens inside the room.7gP帝国网站管理系统

  ▼ Filmax 电影院的入口,the entrance of the cinema7gP帝国网站管理系统





  A bar that allows the worker to carry out all the jobs without moving or interfering with the public is obtained. Thus, the worker can now replace products in the points of sale and in the storehouse, sell tickets, drinks, popcorn, sweets, control the access to the different rooms, control the dynamic digital content and the lighting of the space.The new bar, consisting of the counter and the working furniture, makes that the 10 points of sale work as such plus, from behind and in direct contact with the storehouse, two workers are able to replace all the consumer products.7gP帝国网站管理系统

  ▼ 柜台的设计概念,design of the new counter7gP帝国网站管理系统


  ▼ 改造后的柜台,the counter after renovation7gP帝国网站管理系统




  ▼仓库和柜台被连接在一起方便员工的工作,the counter is directly connected to the storehouse7gP帝国网站管理系统


  整个空间中的吊顶都被拆除,高度达到 2.7 米,加强了电影院入口的体验,给顾客带来舒适的感受。入口处的艺术装置和周围的结构被设计成相同的颜色,使空间的连续性得到满足。7gP帝国网站管理系统

  The whole false ceiling is demolished in a way that the steps’ slabs section stand on the hall, enriching the concept of the entrance to the cinemas. Given the great height in some points, it is opted for a comfort height of 2.70m, as far as all the elements and coatings will arrive. As from this height, seen installations and structure are painted in a same colour, which gives a sense of uniformity.7gP帝国网站管理系统

  ▼ 拆除了吊顶的后的开敞空间,the extended space with demolished false ceilings7gP帝国网站管理系统



  Given the original disorder and randomness, it is decided to order the digital information in two axes. The first one, frontal from the access and parallel to the bar, will announce the schedules of films, drinks and other consumables. In a perpendicular direction, and by screening the original pillars, there will be a billboard with all the films and trailers. The architecture will change according to the information, energising the space.7gP帝国网站管理系统

  ▼沿轴线布置的广告牌,the billboard placed in two axes7gP帝国网站管理系统


  进入影院后顾客会体会到光环境的变化,整个售票大厅相对黑暗的环境有助于观影人群适应空间的亮度。在 270 厘米高度处,设计师打造了一个之字形的照明系统,通过灯光的形态将观众从影院入口引导至放映厅。7gP帝国网站管理系统








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